Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pinterest ... I have some concerns

This month (February 2012) we have been talking about Pinterest.  Yeap, we got on the bandwagon.  There has been a lot of hype about this site and to be honest I got addicted.  I loved all the pretty pictures and I loved finding new pictures to pin.  I'm also now very wary of Pinterest and I'm not sure if I will continue to pin.

Why?  Well in the last week or so there has been some concerns about copyright and Pinterest's Terms of Use.

Instead of rehashing what has been said already, I have listed some great articles that discuss this issue.  I strongly urge you to read these posts.

Not Pinining for pinning
by Love Life 

NB:  This post also has a great list of articles on this subject.

The Ugly Truth about Pinterest
by Boutique by Design

Don't pin me Bro! The Saga of Copyright and Pinterest
by Aberrant Crochet

Pinterest Users need to read the fine print by Technorati

Also check out LINKwithlove.

Thank you Kellie Wishart   for initially bringing this issue to our attention.



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