Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mixtape Zine – Art and craft meets eco-awareness meets pop culture kitsch

Mixtape The brainchild of Justine Tefler, Mixtape is all about making time for the small things in life. Made at home in Melbourne with the assistance of Justine’s husband and sister-in-law, Mixtape is certainly on the up and up.

With its beginnings early on in 2007, Mixtape was initially printed and photocopied on a humble laser jet printer. It wasn't until issue 8 that Mixtape was professionally printed on 100% recycled paper; but it still holds is original indie feel. With only one print run for each issue, demand is certainly growing.

Submissions for content come in from world-wide; articles, tutorials, recipes, and more.  So it’s always a surprise as to what will be in Mixtape next.  Everything from music reviews, craft tutorials, inspiring stories, and current affairs to quirky fashion and home wares grace the pages of this wonderful little zine. {Maybe you have something to contribute?}

It’s the collaborative feel of Mixtape that makes it so warm, and with so many faces you will know.  It feels familiar from the very first page, and in our house its flicked through many times over.

The current issue (Kids Issue 2010) features a very cute tooth pillow tutorial, a story on post natal depression, some super cool things to do in the garden with kids, a rundown on some Mathilda's market stallholders, and the good ol' cloth VS disposable nappy debate.

The next issue due out very soon, and you can pre-order! Woo!

Aside from the special Kids Issue released once a year, Mixtape is released quarterly and available from selected stores and online.

Submission guidelines and advertising info are available on the Mixtape website.

Till next time, peace -beckie
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