Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tip: Turn Instagram Photos into Blog Posts

"if its worth taking a photo of, then it its worth blogging about"

I must admit I am sometimes lost as to what I should blog about.  I usually share my business related Instagram photos on my Facebook and until last weekend I didn't really consider doing the same on my blog.  Why would I?

Then it dawned on me that if its worth taking a photo of, then it its worth blogging about.  Also, not everyone who reads my blog follows follows me on Facebook or on Instagram.

Your simple Instagram photos can be a great way to promote your handmade business. I love the ones that show the process of how handmade products work.  French blogger Isabelle Kessedjian is a master of this, notice how she didn't even have to add any text, just a title "Work in Progress | Travail en cours" to create her eye catching blog post using an Instagram photo.

Personally I love progress shots that show off  the effort, skill and importantly the time that is required to create your products.  They take the reader/viewer on a creative journey with you.  I've done this here on  my own blog - C Percy Designs :: Meet Ness

So go ahead, turn some of those great instagram photos into blog posts.  And when you do, share them below so I can see them.

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C Percy Designs

How are you expanding your Handmade Business in 2014?  

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Become a Guest Blogger on the CHA

Have you got something to say?  

Do you want to expand your horizons in 2014?

Why not become a Guest Blogger!

We are looking for blog posts that assist Australian Handmade Businesses reach their goals in 2014.  Blog posts can be in any form as long as it helpful (i.e. tutorial, observation, tips, info-graphic etc).

Pitch your blog post ideas directly to the Editor via email -

Thursday, February 13, 2014

{Promotion} Miss Muddy Stall Holder Opportunity

is a 5km women’s only obstacle course launching on Sunday 2nd March at Canterbury Race Course. Its a fun day out with your girlfriends where they can come and race then kick back before or after and unwind with a nice cold bevy, listen to some tunes from Ministry of Sounds (playing live) and browse the Sponsors Village/Market Area and do a spot of shopping. It ultimate girls day out.

We are looking for a few additional stalls for the market area with products targeted at women 18+.

The opportunity to trade at Miss Muddy is by invitation only as it’s free, because we want the best stalls in town for our lovely shoppers to unwind after their race while taking in the tunes of Ministry of Sounds playing live.

Contact Rachelle at to obtain your stall holder pack.