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Top Tips with seller Sweet William

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Its Market Week at the CHA!

So... you’re a super motivated crafter and micro business owner, and you’re looking to really connect with your audience, broaden your exposure and gain more sales. Going to market sound attractive, but don’t know where to start? The CHA are here to help!

This week is ‘Market Week’ where we share the combined knowledge, experience and expertise of many people connect with the CHA; from members contributing their thoughts on the Discussion Thread, to sellers who are known for their outstanding visual merchandising and other friends of the CHA who have more than 2 cents worth to add.



Top Tips with seller Sweet William

Sweet William, who are award winners for their amazing market stall design and visual merchandising, share with us their top tips for a successful stand.

Tell a Story
Sweet William has always aimed to tell the story with our stall.  We feel it needs to be personal, reflect who we are, and our creations.  We love vintage, tea cups and pretty things, and we want this to come through in our stand. We brainstorm ideas about what we can have on the stall that fits a particular theme - for example our most recent stall was a girly bedroom - and we used an old dresser, a set of drawers and a few bed side tables to convey this.

Be Unexpected
We always try and add the quirky and unexpected - not over the top - but just a little detail or two that would not be expected on the stall. For example, a geranium potted in an old silver trophy or a kitschy dolls head to add a bit of fun.

We always do a mock stall before the fair; sometimes it is set up well ahead of time so we can think and plan and play around with heights, positions and tweak and fluffing here and there. 

Love it
It’s something we love - to be honest it’s a real highlight of the fair to do the setup. Its the packing-up that’s not fun at all!

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See the full collection of their stall photos on their Flickr page HERE.
See their shop on HERE.
Follow their blog HERE.

Thank you Sweet William for sharing your thoughts with us!

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  1. Really helpful. I need to practice my set up and put all my stand idea's to use and actually see how much stock I have to display. I like the idea of adding something fun and quirky too!! Need to think harder about that one!!

    Xo Steph


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