Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Guest Post: Make your Pinterest boards pretty

Hi I’m Vicki from dover & madden and I’m addicted to Pinterest.

Did you know you can now choose which photo you want as your main photo on all of your Pinterest boards?   Previously the last photo that you pinned was always the main photo, but that has all changed and now you control how you want your boards to look all with the click of a button …..or two!

Firstly here is a sample of some of my boards as they were.
Nothing wrong with them really, but sometimes based on your last pin you posted, your pictures could look mismatched or weren’t that suited side by side.  Yes you can move your boards around but I didn’t really want to as I like the order that they were in.

Here’s how you can change the look of your page in a few minutes ... that will depend on how many boards you do have!!

Step 1.  Go to your first board and wave your mouse over the main photo until the prompt “Edit Board Cover” comes up.
Step 2. Once you click on “Edit Board Cover”, you get a second little box jump up on your page like this.

Step 3. by clicking the left and right arrows you can scroll through all the pictures on your board and select the one you want for your main shot, once you’ve selected it, use your mouse to move the photo to the position you want it.  Then Just press the “Set Cover” button….and you’re done.

If you would like to see all your pins on your board at once before choosing your main photo, just click on the photo slightly above the words “Edit Board Cover” and it will bring up all your pins and then just use Step 1 again to select your main photo for your board.

As my boards are an extension of me and my business just like my blog, I like them to be in some sort of order.  I’ve done a bit of playing around and sorting and I’ve given my boards a peachy hue.  I’ve also made sure there are different variants of light and dark in the main pictures I’ve picked so I’ve used the palette of peach, orange, apricot, golds, browns with just little hints of colours peeking through …. They now look like this.

But by next week they could look like this….you are only limited by your imagination.


dover & madden

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I’m the owner, knitter and designer of dover & madden, little knits for little people.  dover & madden came about after a request for cute headwear when my niece Ava was born nearly 7 years ago.  I made one hat and haven’t really stopped knitting since.  When I’m not knitting I love, AFL football, photography, reading cookbooks, crochet, soy lattes, internet shopping, baking and holidays. 

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