Friday, November 23, 2012

{Promotion} Elocin Designs

Elocin Designs is the creative outlet for mixed media artist Nicole Pomeroy.  Nicole has always had a passion for painting and has dabbled in mixed media.  Her latest collection which is fantasy and fairy tales, will include a mixture of vibrant pieces with positive affirmations and also dark and mysterious pieces with depth to make you think and is made from many vintage elements, dressmaking patterns, lace, buttons, with a smattering of colour washes, paint and pencil drawings.

This artwork is created with a dark moody feel, its a representation of Little Red Riding Hood, with a focus on following your own path and listening to your instincts, even when they may lead us off the path. There is a lot of hidden detail with hand draw elements and intricate painting.
The canvas measures 40x50cm.
$220 +postage

This is a representation of Cinderella and the hopes and dreams she held, that is like all of us; dreaming for things to come and new adventures. 
This canvas measures 20x25cm.
$70 +postage

Our lives are filled with temptation and like that of Snow White, we have the choice to either succumb to that temptation or ignore it. Most times the temptation is too great to ignore. Snow is struggling with the temptation and this is represented with the blue through her face. 
This canvas measures 30x30cm
$100 +postage

To view Nicole's beautiful artwork simply head over to her Facebook page (

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