Monday, February 4, 2013

What really bugs me ... no care label!

Handmade kids clothing label inkidink not only make unique cute kids clothing
they also adhere to Australia's Clothing Label Mandatory Standard

Last year I purchased a beautiful handmade dress for my daughter.  Simply put it is stunning and every time she wears it people ask me where it came from etc.

So whats bugging me about the dress?

Nothing, except for the fact that there is NO care label. 

The maker has done a great job with this dress, the craftsmanship is wonderful and even managed to brand the dress with their business name but they forgot to sew in a care or size label.  I have no idea how to wash this dress nor do I know what its made from.  Also when I go to hand this dress down to a friend I won't be able to tell her what size it is.

Also for all its loveliness the dress has an air of homemade rather than handmade, that is it lacks the professionalism of the handmade dresses in this category.

Apart from being annoying, its also ilegal.  Clothing, along with household textiles, furnishings, piece goods made from textiles, plastic coated fabrics, suede skins, leathers and furs, must comply with Product Safety Australia's Care labelling Mandatory standard.

If you are making handmade clothing I strongly suggest that you check out the mandatory standard and start adding these lables to your products.

Note: The above photos was taken by me, Christine Percy, using a dress I purchased on Inkidink in 2012.  This is not a sponsored post.

About the Contributor: 
Christine is a Wife and a Mum of 3.  She is the owner of C Percy Designs and the Editor of The Contemporary Handmade Alliance.  She is also the Editor of the Handmade Cooperative - Australian Handmade 4 Kids and is a little obsessed with all things crochet. 
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  1. I find this care label to be incorrect. An article made from 100% cotton IS machine washable and a COOL iron will not iron out the creases in a 100% cotton fabric. The "cotton" setting on all the irons I have ever owned are HOT. The Australian Care Standards document is a very handy reference and if one reads it right through, one will find that "prescriptive" text does not have to be used in order to comply with Australian Standards. I make childrens' clothes and my labels state the following "Cotton Linen. (I cross out one if it is not applicable) Machine wash with similar colours. Line dry. Hot iron. Fabric has been pre-washed. Easy wear! Easy care!" Do people read them? According to the amount of positive feedback I get, yes!


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