Monday, April 8, 2013

Facebook cover changes and how they affect small business

Recently facebook have altered their rules regarding what can be placed in your cover image on your business page’s timeline.

As all covers are now public and appearing in news feeds of your likers (and their friends), the push is to make them more image based and less text. All covers must now only contain 20% text (this includes any text in a logo), the upside of these new rules is that you now have more freedom in what text you use.

Previously you were prevented from including web addresses, phone numbers and pricing in your cover. Any “call to action” was also prohibited (asking likers to enter a competition, share with their friends etc..). These rules have been lifted, making it easier for businesses to comply.

Facebook uses a graphic overlay to determine the percentage of text, you can test your cover using the same grid at any box containing text counts towards your 20%.

Non compliant cover image

Compliant cover image containing 12% text

Whilst it is common for businesses to ignore these guidelines, facebook has been known to shut down pages without warning, it may not be common, but you would hate to be the exception and have to start your page again from scratch!

Clare Armstrong is a mother of 3 little girls, wife of a FIFO worker and owner of Little Waves and Bridal Waves. After working as a manufacturing jeweller for over 15 years she has left the big city workshops for her home studio, to design, create, and spend time with her daughters.

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