Monday, May 27, 2013

Is handmade all about babies and kids?

freesias asked
"Why do the majority of Handmade sites mostly stock babies and kids wear? Is that all that sells?"

It does appear that many handmade sellers do make for kids - I am one of them.

I make kids items because I have kids and it relates to what I'm doing right now.  I have noticed that my fellow kidswear makers are also mothers (but not all of them).  I've also noticed that these makers products have evolved as their children get older.

There is also the fact that handmade kids products sell.  Especially items for girls in pink.  Personally I don't like pink and I have spent my entire life avoiding it, but that might have more to do with my red hair.  When I started out making beanies in 2009 I wanted to make exclusively for boys but I kept getting requests for girls beanies.  After having my daughter I now understand the impulse people have to buy pretty things for the the little girls in their lives.  Its a bit likes shoes and accessories in your pre children years.

There are many sellers out there that make for adults:


You can find them on Etsy, and  


If you are looking offline for handmade items that aren't made for kids, I would check out boutique markets like Canberra Handmade, Finders Keepers and the Rose Street Artist Market in Melbourne who cater more for adults and creative folks.

Handmade Friendly Stores

If you are looking for a bricks and mortar store that stock handmade products for adults I would check out In.cube8rCultiverThe {East Gippsland} Makery, Little shop of Handmade and similar stores.

Where do you purchase your handmade items for adults? 

About the Contributor: 
Christine is a Wife and a Mum of 3.  She is the owner of C Percy Designs and the Editor of The Contemporary Handmade Alliance.  She is also the Editor of the Handmade Cooperative - Australian Handmade 4 Kids and is a little obsessed with all things crochet. 
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  1. Ooh I have red hair too, but have started to do a bit of pink now, it has to be the right shade. My dd favours greens and purples. There are lots of places for handmade mama gear, but I understand exactly what you are saying. Girls stuff outsells boys, kids outsells mamas. You make what sells, supply and demand, but I'm gradually making more mama items.


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