Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tip: Turn Instagram Photos into Blog Posts

"if its worth taking a photo of, then it its worth blogging about"

I must admit I am sometimes lost as to what I should blog about.  I usually share my business related Instagram photos on my Facebook and until last weekend I didn't really consider doing the same on my blog.  Why would I?

Then it dawned on me that if its worth taking a photo of, then it its worth blogging about.  Also, not everyone who reads my blog follows follows me on Facebook or on Instagram.

Your simple Instagram photos can be a great way to promote your handmade business. I love the ones that show the process of how handmade products work.  French blogger Isabelle Kessedjian is a master of this, notice how she didn't even have to add any text, just a title "Work in Progress | Travail en cours" to create her eye catching blog post using an Instagram photo.

Personally I love progress shots that show off  the effort, skill and importantly the time that is required to create your products.  They take the reader/viewer on a creative journey with you.  I've done this here on  my own blog - C Percy Designs :: Meet Ness

So go ahead, turn some of those great instagram photos into blog posts.  And when you do, share them below so I can see them.

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How are you expanding your Handmade Business in 2014?  

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