Saturday, April 23, 2011

What aren’t you telling your customers?

Info TabWhen I visit your Facebook page, I can tell a lot about you in roughly 5 seconds flat. From the photos lined up across the top, to the information on your wall and comments made by likers. But mostly, it’s what I can’t learn about you quickly that has me concerned.

Time after time I find that Facebook business pages have real a lack of vital business & contact information on their Info tabs. If I can’t work out who you are, what you are about, and how to contact and/or buy from you quickly, I’m outta there!

So it’s time to ask yourself… what aren’t I telling my customers?

About you/business description: Do you have a business story? A mission statement? What is your business all about? Who are you making products for? Do you do custom orders or only sell what is available in your store? Do you cater for children and/or adults? Don’t let it be a mystery. Tell them clearly and concisely what your business is all about.

Is there a bit of who you are in there too? Without going into too much detail (we don’t need to know what you had for breakfast) make sure you paint a small picture of who you are. Remind them why they are buying from a WAHM or artisan who has taken a leap of faith and is following their dreams.

Your location: where are you? In Australia? Which state? I especially find that many pages that advertise markets fail to make it clear which STATE they are. Listing a suburb without a state can be very misleading and frustrating; many people who visit your page won’t know where you are. Business lost. Make sure you make it abundantly clear what your full address is, including state.

Your contact points: Tell them every possible way to contact you when they are considering buying from you! Clearly list your email address, business phone number, postal address, website, online store address, blog address, twitter account, LinkedIn details and more. If you’re there, don’t let it be a secret!

Product information: You might have lots of lovely pictures of your product in your photo albums, but have you listed the item description, size, colours availability, price, postage, stock availability, how to contact you to order and lead time underneath? If customers have to leave a comment under your picture to ask, you have probably lost the sale. Remember that Facebook does not notify you when someone comments on a photo. So by the time you find the comment and respond, it could be too late. And this does go for people who have online stores too; sometimes people just don’t bother to go to your online store.

Oh and do you offer gift vouchers?

Payment options: Do you only accept Paypal, or do you also accept EFT and Credit Cards? People need to know when planning to make a purchase from you.

Terms of sale: How quickly does payment need to be received? How long do you ship after receiving an order? Do you accept returned products and issue refunds? If so, under what circumstances? Do you offer exchanges? It is best to clearly list this information ahead of time to save argument and confusion should an unfortunate situation occur. In fact, have you even considered it yet?

Postage: Do you offer/insist on registered post or offer Express Post? Is the charge built into your item price? Do you have flat postage for all products or does it vary? Do you charge for packaging and handling as well as Australia Post charges? Do you post internationally? What if an item goes missing or is damaged during transport? Again, think about it now and make it clear for all to see.

Now quick, go and check your Facebook pages and plug any information holes!

Cheers, Chicken

P.S. What drives you nuts when visiting Facebook business pages? Leave your comments below, we would love to hear them!

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  1. Going to check my page now to see what I need to fix!!

  2. Yes... would love to see more pages updated with this info. I find it frustrating to have to search their photo albums first to actually see what it is they sell. Info tabs need to be better utilised. Im off to update all my info today too !! Thanks Tan

  3. Excellent post :) have tweaked and checked over my info, think it covers all the areas now, so people know what to expect and can see all areas of info before purchasing - thanks for the inspiration/ideas Xx

  4. I find the location, or lack of, is the thing that annoys me the most. There might be something on a page that I am interested in buying, but if you have to factor in overseas postage it sometimes just isn't worth your while.

    Which leads me to the next thing, which is a lot of businesses don't make it clear how much postage costs are. Postage is something I ALWAYS take into account as part of the purchase price and if it's not listed I usually don't bother trying to hunt down further information on it. It's such a simple thing that a lot of businesses on Facebook overlook, but I really think that it's something that can mean the difference between making or losing a sale.

    After reading this post I'll definitely be reviewing my information on my business page. I'll admit, I'm guilty of not having clear postage costs, but my excuse is that I'm only just starting out and I haven't researched postal charges yet!
    Thanks for all the great information Tania.

  5. Blog is just like the face book page which is dealing with the online customers. Time after time I find that Face book business pages have real a lack of vital business & contact information on their Info tabs.

  6. LOL my biggest issue is there not being an email address listed. Sometimes I like to email poeple direct not leave a message on their wall. I'm always surprised by how many sites don't list an email address.

  7. Thanks for great info! Off to check my page.

  8. Helpful post - thanks!!

    I was also just on here looking for some quick templates that I might be able to use... like invoice templates and the like, that would be super helpful in the craft business toolkit.

  9. No email address! Infuriating! I don't want to have to write on your wall to ask you something that's just to YOU!


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