Friday, December 7, 2012

Window Shopping: Out of Space

1. Wooden Memory Matching Game by Mollydag Made $24.95 
2. Set of 8 Space Invaders by Bubble Lane handmade Soap $7.00 
3. Solar System Wall decal by Tiges and Weince $59.00 
4. Galaxy racer shorts by King Billy $24.00
5. Starry Starry Night Mobile by Happy as Larry Designs  $44.95 
6. Space Ship Boys Baby Onesie by Lil Birdie $20.00 
7. Felt Monster Mini Toys for Car by babua $35.00 

This guide has been put together by Anna from King Billy


  1. Thank you so much for including my Wooden Memory Games in your Xmas list! I'm thrilled. the games are actually only $19.95 each (even more of a bargain ;) ). Cheers, Amber. Games to Go by Mollydag Made

  2. I can say from personal experience that those memory matching games are very popular with the little ones!


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