Monday, June 24, 2013

Dandelyne and the Artful Business Conference

I am 100% ecstatic to be virtually attending the Artful Business Conference this year. 
My business, Dandelyne, is only 2 years young. It really is trotting along nicely but, I would love for it to gallop. My ultimate goal is to stitch FOREVER and, I feel, in order to do this I need to invest in it. After investigating the speakers and content of the Artful Business Conference I knew this was the key to helping me reach my goal. I work from home, on my own, and as many small businesses do, I indulge in Dandelyne days where I feel lost and would love someone to answer the myriad of questions I have. I need a buzz, kick and knowledge … and I feel the ABC will do just that, and then some.
I would personally love everyone interested to own one of my miniature embroidery hoops. They are made in Melbourne and then hubby and I spend many nights sanding, drilling and constructing each one. It's definitely a labour of love. To be able to workshop, with many like-minded people at the ABC, I am hoping I will be able to take these little babies to the next level … YIPPEE


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