Thursday, July 11, 2013

{Promotion} Work With Me :: Liana Kabel

Liana Kabel, Measure Up Brooch

Hello I’m Liana and I’d like to introduce myself. I run a creative business as well as working to support others with their creative businesses. For me this is the perfect combination.

Since 2004 I've been a plastic obsessed jeweler, creating wearable pieces from mostly discarded domestic materials, including Tupperware, knitting needles and tape measures. Before that I had a business making brightly coloured paper mache homewares.  As you can probably tell from those descriptions I’ve always cared about making something that stands out from the crowd, as well as making a living from it. I did that with both those business. Along the way I learnt a lot about how to do things and a lot about how not to do things. As far as I’m concerned making mistakes is fine (and inevitable) as long as you can pick yourself up, learn from them and improve.

For the past three years I’ve been employed as a business coach, as well as continuing my jewellery business.  In my coaching work I was able to support hundreds of women set up their own small and micro businesses. These were generally businesses that were conducted at home, often around caring for small children. It was great work while it lasted and I’m grateful for it, because now I know it is something I want to continue to do as part of my own business. My focus is working with small creative businesses. These are the businesses I know and am most passionate about.

If you've been wanting to make more of your own creative business or hobby, I’d love to help you with that. The beginning of a new financial year is an awesome time to do just that. For this reason I’m offering a special package for July.  This includes an intensive two hour session where we work on improving any aspect or aspects of your business you’d like to focus on. The usually price is $300, but for July it is $160. Feel free to email me with any questions or to discuss making a booking at

I’m based in Brisbane, but conduct my business interstate and worldwide.  I’m also available for creative business workshops, so if you can organise a group and a venue, I will travel. Again please email me to discuss the possibilities.

 Find out more about Liana via her Linkedin resume.

I sat next to the lovely Liana at the 2012 Artful Business Conference.  I found her to be delightful and insightful.  I'm also the proud owner of a Knitwit Bangle and Measured Up hairclip which I wear when teaching crochet at my local wool shop.  

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