Monday, January 6, 2014

Its time to expand

So I've been working on my "in 2014 I will ..." worksheet that I downloaded from the Tickle the Imagination blog.  

It took me a while but I've come up with my theme for 2013, that being expansion. Its a topic that we talk about all the time, that is how do I expand my mailing list, how do I get more exposure for my business, how to I reach more buyer ... and the list goes on.  

Its also time to expand our horizons.  I've seen a number of businesses do this, like the owners of who have opened up a retail store and office in Yamba in Northern NSW and Queensland based Bobkin Designs expanding their revenue by selling the pattern to their popular dresses and shorts. 

Both of these businesses have expanded there business and are now benefiting from spreading their wings. 

At the moment I'm still working on ways to expand the CHA, I must admit this blog has been a little quite over the last 6 months.  I talked about being at a Crossroads back in May 2013 and I found that I couldn't fit everything in.  Its now the summer holidays and I'm very lucky to enjoy a 6 week break. Over the next few weeks I'll be mapping out my year, finding amazing people to guest post on this blog and I am aiming to provide you, my loyal handmade readers, with information to help you expand your handmade business in 2014.

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