Friday, March 14, 2014

Raising Money for Asylum Seekers Centre‏

Okay Crafters is a practical, crafty project that has the aim of bringing together artsy-crafty types who want to see something positive happen for people seeking asylum in Australia.

Okay Crafters is hosting an online Auction, asking people to donate a handmade item to be auctioned with proceeds going towards the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre is located in Melbourne and provides assistance to newly arrived refugees living in the community and also advocates strongly for people seeking asylum.

The Crafty community has a great deal of talent and heart. One hope of this project is that it helps raise a little awareness that a number of 'regular types' think this is an issue in which our country could craft a more humane, just and compassionate response for people seeking asylum.

The Auction works in this way
1. People donate handmade items, and the cost of postage of that item. 
2. Okay Crafters hosts an photo album of donated items, with links back to people's individual blogs or facebook business pages. 
3. People bid on beautiful handmade items
4. The lucky person who has a winning bid on an item would pay the amount directly to the ASRC and then forward their receipt number back to the person from whom they have purchased the item.
5. Once the receipt number is received their item is posted out. 
This cutie has been donated by moppysgirl 

People can be involved in three main ways
  1. donating an item for auction; 
  2. bidding on auction items; or 
  3.  spreading the word about this project. 
Along with supporting a cause - a craft auction can also introduce a wider audience to your crafty business!

If you want to 'get your craft on' Okay Crafters would love to hear from you! 

For more details click on the image above or go to

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