Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Craft Room Inspriation

Whether you have a craft room, corner, cupboard or drawer, keeping it neat and tidy can be a constant battle. As I scroll through hundreds of photos of beautiful craft spaces, the common element to keeping it a workable area is organisation.

Fabric folded into Fat Quarter sized squares and placed together in colour tones not only looks amazing, but aids in those very regular fabric seeking missions.
Using a set of labelled, clear containers, keeps notions and other small pieces sorted and easier to find. Ikea has a wonderful 'price wise' range. Or if your into re-purposing, then baby food jars are perfect for smaller stock. And I love to use recycled coffee jars (think Maccona - because lets face it I have quite a few empty ones and things just look so pretty in them).

Storing ribbon and trim is where I fail miserably. At the moment I have a box with all sorts of stuff knotted together, and quite often I head out to Spotlight to purchase something that I find I already have when I get home. It only took a quick search on Google to find plenty of ribbon storage inspirations - The Domestic Diva has dedicated a whole series of her blog to craft room organisation, and I love her ideas for ribbon storage.

If your lucky enough to have a whole room to craft in, embrace it! Hang picture that inspire you, keep it tidy so you have room to move,and importantly purge and re-sort regularly. Of course allow your self to madly sift through everything whilst in the creating zone; but also give yourself time to put everything thing away once you are done for the night.

Not inspired yet....
Well I will leave you with some images from my favourite work room: this is the beautiful and talented Viven's studio from Ish & Chi.
Viv has kindly let me publish a couple of photos from her blog but you simply must check it out for the bigger picture. With only a smallish budget and a lot of creativity, she managed to create a stunningly styled and yet workable room.

Need a little bit more help - well below are some great links to get you motivated!!

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  1. These photos make me drool. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Oh what lovely craft rooms. So neat and organised. Wish mine was like that!

  3. Oh wow, seeing rooms like that always leave me with serious room envy and I want to clear out my desk and create a lovely work space under the mountains of paper work - one day I guess :)

  4. Stunning craft rooms! I dont have the luxury of a craft room but I do have a little workspace :) A girl can dream though!

  5. Absolutely lovely, we live in a small place (the price you pay for living in downtown), but I'm always dreaming of one day having my very own studio/craft space. I have to wipe the drool off my chin when I see stunning pics of other people's spaces!

  6. Oh god, if only my room was as neat & organised as these! Once I get my cabinets from Ikea...ha!

  7. Just when I thought I was going out to enjoy the day!
    Now I must get in and clean my small and messy studio to get it to at least half of what these rooms are like!

  8. It's a skill I am sure to make a studio look this great! I especially love Ish & chi. Inspiring for sure.


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