Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh MAEVE, how we love you!

MAEVE is a beautiful, clever online magazine put together by the very talented Kate and Lou. It's aimed at 30-40 something ladies who may or may not have children, and whom don't necessarily relate to the glossy women's magazines out there.

Featuring a fabulous self portrait of Elle Moss on its cover, the very first issue - MAEVE winter '10 is hot off the 'press'.
With an array of feature writers, including the likes of Nancy Alice Wood of 'wolf and willow', Jodie Headly Ward author of 'You sexy mother - a life changing approach to motherhood' and Melbourne photographer Lauren Bamford, there is never a dull moment.

In this issue you will enjoy; a chat with Naoko Stoop - self taught illustrator, children’s fashion, women’s fashion, an amazing almond croissant recipe, a great article on starting up a business after kids, and a great collection of fun websites to visit.

MAEVE is beautifully presented, cleverly written, and a joy to read (of course while relaxing with your hot beverage of choice).

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Little Wise Owl

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