Monday, May 24, 2010

Meet me at Mikes - The book!

For anyone remotely near Melbourne 'Meet Me At Mikes' on Brunswick St Fitzroy is a haven for all things crafty, vintage and indie.

In between running Mikes, a very successful blog, a crafter's group named 'The Brown Owls' and raising 3 kidlets, the supremely clever Pip Lincolne "Queen of Mikes' has put together 26 of the best projects from the cleverest Aussie crafters to insure crafty fun abounds.

There's something for everyone; from beginners to the more experienced among us. Toys and softies, hankies, purses and even mini baby yoga pants! Cute!

The instructions read as if you were talking with Pip herself, and set out everything you will need as well as any preparation required before you start, so there are no surprises. The best bit by far (well besides the beautiful photography) is that each project comes with a FULL SIZE pattern - yay! No enlarging on the printer, phew!

This is a great book - Pip has outdone herself. It is so beautiful that it would make a fab coffee table book, and is just as wonderful as a starters guide to crafting.

It is ring bound paperback and retails for $45 (but is available for less if you look around).

SHOP: 'Meet Me At Mikes' at 63 Brunswick St Fitzroy VIC
BLOG: Where you will find fun tutorials, regular updates on local crafting events and some mighty find recipes.

Till next week, peace! Beckie
Little Wise Owl

Editor's Note: Pip recently Tweeted that she has just finished writing her second book 'Sew La Tea Do': and this time all the projects are her own stuff. Too exciting! You can follow Pip at

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