Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Community :: Craft Swaps

Craft Swaps are a great way to get to know other handmade businesses and to be part of a community.
Some of the divine creations made as part of the {CHA} 2012 Craft Swap. From Left to Right:
[Row 1] SummerSkye, Beccasauras
[Row 2] Pretty Pickings Designs, Little Toot Creations, Ladybugs and Daisychains

The {CHA} hosted its annual Craft Swap in the middle back in July/August this year.  Our annual craft swap is all about gathering together the Australian handmade community so they can get their "warm and fuzzy handmade love on!".

This year we had 43 businesses signed up to our craft swap and from the responses I received many new friendships were formed.  My craft swap partner, Skye from SummerSkye, made me a lovely crochet hook holder in my favourite colour.  I've now filled it with my ornate bamboo crochet hooks and I've displayed it in my lounge room.

My Crochet Hook Hoop by SummerSkye

On Facebook the other day I asked if anyone has been part of a swap and what they got out of it.

Bree mentioned that she had been part of a few fabric swaps and was part of Once Upon a Quilt  mini quilt swaps.
"I like getting fabric that I wouldn't perhaps buy for myself. I did make some lasting connections. It is a good way I found when just starting out to connect with others"

Christine Cohrs from Once Upon a Quilt also mentioned that she
"too have made lasting connections all over world and love it"

and Christina Lowry mentioned that she too has been part in a few swaps now.
"Doll quilt, brooch, apron, cushion. It's fun, especially when it is all kept secret and you get to blog-stalk you partner and come up with something they would like. It's lovely getting a surprise in the mail box. But very disappointing if your partner doesn't put much effort in or gets it entirely wrong!

We would love to hear if you have been part of an organised craft swap.  Was it a good experience?  Were you able to make some great connections by being part of one? 


  1. I've taken part in a few crafty swaps. Started with scrapbooking embelly swaps but too busy to do them regularly now.
    Over at Down To Earth we often have handmade swaps going. This year we have done apron, pot holder, bookmark and now christmas swaps.
    Would love to take part in some new swaps next year

    1. Becci would love to check out Down To Earth - can you leave a link. We'll be hosting our annual swap in July next year. I hope you can join us. Christine


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