Friday, October 5, 2012

Handmade Community: Help the Smiths Auction

The Handmade Community is one of the nicest communities I've ever been part of.  This year the {CHA} has supported a number of handmade initiatives that have raised money to benefit others.  Recently I became aware of yet another amazing act of kindness, this time in the form of a special Auction - HELP the Smiths.  

Nic and Sam from Sugar Plum Tree are hosting this AUCTION next month to help their friend and a very special WAHM Katie and her young family.  Katie is a Professional Photographer and and one half of the Multiplied magazine team.  

Katie's husband Michael has been diagnosed with a debilitating condition called Essential Tremor and a related syndrome, Cervical Dystonia, which causes his entire right side of his body including his head and hand to constantly tremor- affecting his speech, ability to drive and work.

I asked Nic and Sam this week why they are hosting this auction 

"The past 6 months Michael hasn't been able to work, and with no known cure and no success so far in receiving disability payments, the financial burden on the family is enormous and the future remains uncertain for them.   
Katie is just a beautiful, selfless person- one of those people who always do nice things for others without expecting anything back in return- so now it's her turn for some good karma to return her way"
If you would like donate an item to this auction please send an email to 

NB: The {CHA} will be taking part in this wonderful auction.  We have donated a Sponsorship Package with includes the sponsorship of this blog for a month, a Promotional blog post and inclusion in our weekly newsletter (RRP $50).

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