Sunday, August 29, 2010

CHA - going on 12 month hiatus

Profile Pic 2 picnik It is with much thought and consideration that I have taken the decision to shut down operations of the CHA for the next 12 months or so, while I have a baby. 

It has become apparent over the last few weeks that the challenges of being pregnant, working, running a household and looking after a boisterous toddler is more than this little chicken can do without some areas suffering; and it pains me to see the CHA struggling and not being all that it can be. I have such big ideas and plans for this project, but not ones that I can implement fully at this point in my life. Hopefully after the baby is born and settled, I can get back to it bigger and better than ever.  In the mean time, I will keep my finger on the pulse of the industry and will be keenly watching you all.

I will be leaving the blog open so that the resources (the Craft Business Tool Kit and Handmade Markets and Stores Directory) remain available to people who may wish to access them; but the Facebook page will be suspended.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank some key people who helped made the CHA what it is:

Linda of Lulu froufrou and Beckie of little wise owl; (just some of) my buddies who become real friends and who have always been supportive of my ideas and dreams. Thanks ladies for your blog contributions, ideas and support along the way.

Jemma of Handmade Kids: a savvy, key figure in the Aussie Handmade Industry who was kind enough to regularly share her valuable knowledge and insights through her contributions on the Discussion Board and with the provision of articles for the blog. If you don’t follow Handmade Kids, you should!

Sharon of the Robin Street Market who spend much time putting together some fantastic and really useful tax and small business information for our blog.  Thanks so much Sharon!

My wonderful sponsors: most notably The Oz Material Girls and Funky Fabrix who have been with us since the beginning and offered our CHA members benefits of real value; plus 2 new editions Fairy Floss Markets and Hide & Seek Market. Thanks for coming on board, and we wish you all the very best for your businesses.

My family (especially my wonderful husband and gorgeous daughter) for putting up with me being on the computer…. a lot.

And finally and most importantly, to everyone to who followed, commented, asked a question, shared knowledge & experience, and promoted the CHA. We experienced considerable growth and a wonderful following of interesting, talented and knowledgeable people in such a short amount of time. We couldn’t have done it without you. There is a lot to be said for strength in numbers; and the way you all helped each other out freely and with a sense of community via our Facebook page is both astounding and encouraging. Please don’t stop.

I strongly urge you to follow both Meylah (USA) and Made’n’found (AUS) to continue to connect with the handmade industry and access high quality information, knowledge and support. 

I look forward to reconnecting with you all again in the future, and I will still be hanging out round the traps!  So until we meet again,

Cheers, Chicken


  1. Good luck with everything Tanya. We all can relate to how difficult it can be to juggle everything and as always family must come first. Good on you for making this decision and we will all be anticipating your return

  2. All the best Sweetie! Thank you for all your hard work and inspiration. Take care and I'll be looking forward to your return,
    Much love,

  3. Best of luck for your year off, and of course the bubba :)

  4. Wow Tanya, I will miss this blog so much! Hoping you return after bub is born, i see your vision here being something great! Take care of yourself and your family hun!

  5. Wish you all the best for the next year or so. Thanks for supporting all things handmade. You have helped me so much in my new venture.

    Amanda La Crafts

  6. Good luck Tanya - you made the right decision following your instincts. Here's to hoping you enjoy your hiatus and time with the family. It is indeed priceless moments.

  7. I think you deserve a break!
    Good luck with the new arrival and all your other endeavors, and remember, take it easy!

  8. Hey mate. WOW how exciting for you. Just want to wish you all the best and at same time thank you for your guidance & everything else you have shared with us.(Oh & thx 4 leaving all the info bits up-we still need them..LOL..)Oh and big thank you for introducing me to my craft swap partner she rocks! Anyway hope all goes well and we will see you on your return. Hugz Tanya @ Homemade Gifts Bazaar

  9. Just wanted to wish you all the best.
    I just realised you live in my neighbour town.
    Stay safe and dry.


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