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Top Tips with seller Rabbit & the Duck

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Its Market Week at the CHA!

So... you’re a super motivated crafter and micro business owner, and you’re looking to really connect with your audience, broaden your exposure and gain more sales. Going to market sound attractive, but don’t know where to start? The CHA are here to help!

This week is ‘Market Week’ where we share the combined knowledge, experience and expertise of many people connect with the CHA; from members contributing their thoughts on the Discussion Thread, to sellers who are known for their outstanding visual merchandising and other friends of the CHA who have more than 2 cents worth to add.

Top Tips with seller Rabbit & the Duck

Give your stall height
Different levels keep the eye moving and provide lots of visual interest for customers. Use open boxes you can stack on top of each other to create mini shelves. I also use cardboard storage boxes along the back of my table to create an extra level. If you have products that would benefit from being hung, see if you can rig up a piece of rope across the back of your stall to peg them off. Maybe an old ladder could sit behind your table with products hanging from the rungs.

Keep a look out
Always be on the lookout for interesting items you can use to display your products. I found an old set of scales in a second hand store and had them for months before I realised they would be perfect for holding loose buttons! I love to visit antique stores, op shops and garage sales to source my display pieces. I also slow down every time I drive past a collection of things on the side of the road! It's also a good idea to have a look around your own house, as there are probably items you already have that could be given a new use.

Price it
Make sure your products are priced! Pricing should be kept simple and in keeping with the look of your stall. Your products are the main focus and while it should be easy for a customer to see the price of something, it's not the first thing you want them to see. Make them fall in love with your product and the price won't be an issue! I use simple cardboard luggage tags pegged to my products that show the price. You could also use a frame with a price list.

Have fun!
Above all, have fun! Don't be afraid to try new things. If something is not working, move it around. Look at other stalls and see which displays attract your eye. The beauty of having your own business is that it can grow and change with you. When I look at pictures of my first ever market stall I am surprised by how different it was to my current display! Every day and every market teaches us something new!

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See the full collection of their photos on their Flickr page HERE.
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Thank you Rabbit & the Duck for sharing your thoughts with us!

Market Week Wrap Up
This is the last article in the Market Week series (which turned into a 3 week marathon of posts)!
Thank you so much for all your wonderful feedback about this topic. These articles couldn’t have been brought to you without the collective knowledge, experience and contributions of many members and people associated with the CHA. A sincere thanks to everyone who provided input.

Cheers, Chicken

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  1. I like the tip about "Having fun!" - it's easy to loose sight of why you got into the craft business when business starts to overwhelm the craft!

  2. I'm a long-time admirer of Rabbit & The Duck's market stall. It's always so pretty and the look is so consistent with the products. Thanks for the great advice Shannon!

  3. I am one of those suckers/shoppers who falls for the product and doesn't look at the price, so this definitely works! :)


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