Monday, August 9, 2010

We have our winners!

Mixtape Giveaway

Congratulations to our 5 winners of the mixtape magaZINE
prize pack give-away!

The following entries were selected by the creators of mixtape, and each receives a prize pack with issues 9,10,11,12 & The Kids Issue - that’s $45 value in each pack!

cate said...
living a creative lifestyle means shaking off the "you can't do thats" and welcoming the "I can have a go at that" and introducing my children to the wonders of "I made that" in as many areas of life as they want.

SunDoll said...
Living a creative lifestyle means... finding new ways to express yourself each day and discovering things about yourself and others you never expected. It is dancing to a tune that no one else can hear but that you want to share.

TJC said…
Living the creative lifestyle means no limits, it is about flexibility and enjoyment. It is stretching your creative boundaries to new levels. Using inspiration from around you to create the perfect handmade piece to share with others.
That sense of achievement that you get when you are finished and can say 'I made that'.
The middle of the night ideas that you just have to get up and start on or at least make notes/sketches of.
Most of all it means living in a happy place while doing a job that I enjoy most.

Row Row Row said...
Living a creative lifestyle has opened my heart more fully to my family and community. Has allowed me to share some of the whisperings my soul has said to me. To enjoy the offerings of other people and to explore all sorts of 'crazy' ideas. is but a dream. x

Tas said…
Living a creative lifestyle is baking with my kids for their lunches instead of buying commercial foods, sewing and crafting everything I can for the family (and for my sanity) and exploring the world as a family in walking boots on a hiking trail, not from the back seat of a four wheel drive on a sealed highway.

Thanks to our friends at mixtape for the wonderful prizes. We’re sad that you only have 3 issues left before you shut down operations; you will be missed!

Cheers, Chicken

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  1. Oh wow that is fantastic!

    Thanks so much CHA and Mixtape magaZINE.


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