Friday, July 20, 2012

{Business Tip} Change it Up

Regularly change your Facebook
Cover Image 
and Profile Image.  

Facebook cover image showcasing Appleberry Kid's range of girls bags and accessories.
Created using

Amanda Lefebure from Appleberry Kids does this on a regular basis and has found that it creates some great interaction with her Facebook fans.  She usually does this when she can see that there are a lot of people online and she makes sure that the new image is different visually to the previous image.  For example Amanda changed her Appleberry Kids images changed from pastel pink and grey to bring red. 

Profile image showcasing Appleberry Kid's range of girls bags and accessories.
Created using
"Last night I changed my cover picture again and my profile picture to match.   Nothing fancy, simple clean co-ordinating images in a collage that I made using picmonkey's  collage feature.  
I turned my computer off only about 10 mins after and at that point, just a few likes to the pic and a couple of comments. Well, when I woke up this morning and checked my page, it had been crazy all night. Over 20 new Likers and 3 shares of my profile pic college. Natalie Lymer (designer at Cinderberry Stitches- I had used her fabrics in the bags in the photo) somehow saw my pics, became a fan and shared on her page during the night. She had 67 likes to the share and 2 extra shares from that- one being a US craft blogger. Her reach was amazing as my new Likers come from her post, from US, Europe, UK and here in Australia.  
Just goes to show that FB can still cause some interest"

What a fantastic result!  When was the last time you changed your profile image? 

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