Monday, July 9, 2012

Visual Merchandising 101 - Your VM Toolkit

Your VM Toolkit 

When you are packing your car to pack your emergency VM toolkit.  This is essential and should contain at least:
  • tape - sticky and heavy duty
  • rubber bands
  • stapler
  • string
  • fishing line
  • scissors
  • Pins/Safety Pins
You never know when you might have to whip up a new display!

Lastly remember Practice makes perfect!

Each market you attend will be in a different setting with different clientele.  You can easily have a base display that you work off and tweak it for the big day.

Always do a trial run at home before you head off to market.  Take time to fiddle around with it and ensure you are happy.  Then – take a photo!!  Come market time, your set up will be done in a flash and you can enjoy reaping the fruits of all your hard labour.

Once you are all set up, take some more photos for use in the future and enjoy the day engaging with your customers and making sales!

For some more inspiration go to our Pinterest "To Market To Market" board.

Calamity Bolt Hobby Horses -
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