Tuesday, September 18, 2012

{Blogging 101} If you build it, they will come

Over the last 6 weeks we have been guiding you through the process of starting your very own blog, now its time to focus on your blogs growth.

Over time your readership will grow and your blog will evolve.  

Publish Content Frequently

First and formost you need to publish content frequently, you won't be able to grow your readership if you don’t have anything to give them. Work out how often you wish to blog and what your blog is about.  Once you have established the timing and purpose of your  blog then its time to create an editorial calendar and stick to it.

Use Google Analytics

While your blog is evolving you might like to consider creating a Google Analytics account and start tracking you blog.  You might not need this data now, but if you start tracking your stats now you will be able to use this tool to analyse your data later on.  This data can tell you a lot about your readers and can assit you to formulate strategies to retain your readers and attract new ones.

Follow trends

Use trends to grow your blog. People are currently falling for Instagram. Include a widget in your side bar, I suggest snapwidget.com and invite your readers to follow you. You can include blog topic photos plus personal photos, that seems to be acceptable by the bigger bloggers. Sydney based blogger Fat Mum Slim is a big fan of instagram and she shares many tips about using apps to improve your photos.


Reward your commenter’s by always replying with a response. Acknowledging your readers is important for your blogs growth. Engage in conversation with your readers, by doing this you will encourage them to return.

Social Sharing

Provide your readers with opportunities to share your blog posts and connect with you on social media (Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, google + etc), this too will encourage growth.   

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