Monday, September 10, 2012

{Blogging 101} Where do I find readers?

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Here are some tips to help you find readers:
  1. Be sure your blog address can be seen on your Facebook page and any other account you have, like Pinterest.
  2. Include your blog address in your email footer.  I suggest you have a look at StampWise as there apps can help.
  3. Different people prefer different mediums, such as text, video, photos. Try to include these mediums on your blog (not in the one post) to to cater to all readers.
  4. List your blog on Bloglovin.
  5. I also recommend you have Networked Blog button, along with a facebook button.
  6. Use pinnable images in your blog posts. Include a 'pin me' button. Pin those images yourself too
  7. Create Pin Boards in Pinterest that relate to your topic. EG Lounge room styling for a creator of pillows. Or latest colour in season accessories. People do click through from pins!
  8. Use Instagram, its now available on android so you have no excuses.  Remember to link your profile back to your blog.
  9. Always carry business cards with your blog address. I suggest Mini cards from Moo. They are professional looking, small/cute, and work a treat!

    During an interstate flight I was browsing a beading magazine. It was a great time to stop and relax. The lady beside me had been napping. When she opened her eyes she saw the beads and excited asked me if I made jewellery. She had something she wanted remade. You really never know where your next customer is coming from. Have those cards handy!

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