Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Creative Men

Around Mother's Day I wrote a piece about the creative women in my life.  I think coming up to Father's Day that is is only fair and appropriate to talk about Creative Men.  I've noticed over the last couple of years the rise of the creative male, with Kaffe Fassett and the blogger Quilt Dad to name but two.  I think male creativeness has  mostly been represented previously in the form of metalwork, wood work, stone masonry and landscape design rather than the fields of crochet, knitting or quilting.  It fills me with joy to think that men now feel confident to express their creativeness in these areas, as women now do in the previously male dominated fields.
The creative men in my life are a little less obvious.  One of my Grandfather's was always to be found pottering around under the house making things.  We have little chairs and a doll's high chair that my children now play with and sit on that he made for my brother and I when we were children.
My Dad doesn't have any particular creative outlets but he is always very supportive and eager to listen.  He loves to hear about (and see) what I'm currently working on and offer any feedback he may have.  His mother was a prolific knitter and I know he loves to see me knit.
Our son Guy wearing armour, a shield, helmet and a sword my husband made for him from cardboard
My Husband is creative in his own way.  He loves to paint miniature soldiers and is actually quite good at it (he paints stuff I can't even see without the aid of glasses!).  He is an excellent cook and is creative with food.  I think his particular talent lies though with the things he makes for our son to play with.  Like most little boys he loves knights and dragons and vikings and fire trucks and all sorts of things.  We collect cardboard boxes and together they create the most marvelous things to play with.  Swords, shields, armour, fire trucks just to name a few.  These things are not only sturdy but also have the most amazing detail.  My Hubby doesn't do these things by halves!  He is also very supportive of my hobby/habits/obsessions and often will give me advice or an opinion that I hadn't thought of previously.  This is the man that even went into a quilt shop in New York whilst on a work trip and bought fabric for me!
So as we approach Father's day I would like to celebrate and thank these wonderful creative men in my life.  Love you all :)

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