Friday, August 24, 2012

For the man (big or small) in your life

Mens Kombi t-shirt by Billymac Clothing
Sterling Silver *Dog Tag* Keepsake Necklace by Halle Jay
Wooden Crayon Trucks by Quirky Designs for Kids
Large Classic Combi Paperclip Bookmark by Sophie and Jack
Racing Red Cot/Crib Quilt by Pollykinz Designs

Personalized Burlap Bookmark by Blue Jacaranda

Pirate Treasure Map by Creative Wishes

The Handmade Cooperative is a shopping blog dedicated to promoting quality Australian handmade products for children. Their fortnightly shopping guides feature unique and stylish handmade products made by their talented coop members. As a cooperative, their 60 members are able to support and promote each others products, which help their members reach a greater number of potential buyers.

Vist the Cooperative's website at

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