Wednesday, August 15, 2012

PayPal Here

It appears that PayPal has come up with a market saviour and its called PayPal Here.  According to the PayPal Here website, this cool device has a number of great features, such as being able to access your funds instantly and market leading security.  Personally I think this little device will make selling at markets a lot easier and cheaper.

But before you sign up you might like to find out first hand if this product is for you.  Kasia from ink.paper.cloth recently used her PayPal Here device at South Australia's Lollipops Market and has kindly shared her experience with the CHA.

1. Why did you decide to sign up for PayPay Here?
Over the past few months I have held a stall at a few local markets and after testing the market scene, I love it and am planning on continuing attending markets until the day I can own my own bricks and mortar store. Needless to say, it was time to look into offering my customers more payment options and PayPal invited me to register for the first rollout of PayPal Here. I jumped at the chance and after looking into the costs involved in getting an eftpos machine, I am glad that I did.

2. What do you need to do to get your own PayPal Here device?
When PayPal was ready to roll out the new feature, I was informed that it was now available and to register and download the iPhone App so that I can receive my swiper attachment. I did straight away and then received another email saying that I need to get my PayPal account verified.

The process took approximately 2 weeks, during which my account was limited to only receiving payments. Paperwork such as Drivers Licence, Passport and Business Name Registration needed to be submitted which was no biggie, but as PayPal account name varied slightly from my official Business Name Registration it took a little longer. As frustrating as it was at the time, it really is reassuring that PayPal does its job well at confirming everything which in the end makes it a safer online payment method.

3. Do you need to purchase any special equipment?
The PayPal Here device / attachment is free and seeing I already had an iPhone, I didn't have to pay for anything.

4. Was it easy to use?
Hmmm… well, my first pointer is that you make sure you push the device in properly if you have a cover on your phone. Despite the fact that I didn't initially and had to scan the cards manually it was very straight forward. Once it was plugged in, it really is super fast and just awesome.

Watch the demo on the PayPal Here website, it really is that simple.
ink.paper.cloth at Lollipop Markets - August 12, 2012
5. Would you recommend it to other handmade businesses. 
Absolutely! Its not a feature you have to use and if you have an eftpos machine you can still use it at markets and so on, it just gives you another option as a backup. It costs nothing if its not used and if you do, the costs are minimal. For me the choice was simple, either paying $40/month for an eftpos machine my customers may or may not use at the monthly market I do or have PayPal Here as an option if someone is stuck for cash and only pay for the transactions that are made.

I was concerned about the response I would get when people saw that it worked with an iPhone, but everyone that did at my last market didn't hesitate.  They were simply blown away by the technology.

Thank you Kasia for giving us this insight.  I think I might just pop over to the website and sign up!

Kasia Leach launched ink.paper. cloth. on 6th of July 2012 with the aim to inspire others to create and embrace the handmade life rather than shop for already finished products that have been mass produced.

The ink. paper. cloth. online store is filled with supplies for creating, giving and celebrating such as paper bags, blank kraft tags, muslin bags, hemp cord, twine, natural ribbons, paper seals and a carefully selected range of kraft based papers.

Kasia sells many of the supplies she uses in her own art, enabling her customers to purchase a handmade product or be inspired to create their own version by purchasing the raw materials.



  1. Wow, thats fantastic. Shame I don't have an iphone :( Thanks for the information. Great blog! Ali

  2. Thanks so much for sharing ~ very interesting product!

  3. Does the customer need a Paypal Account or just the seller?


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