Monday, August 13, 2012

{Blogging 101} How to start

The best blogging advice I received in the beginning was: Just start!

It’s was true. I started. Later tweaked, amended, changed direction, regrouped. ‘Just start’ was good advice. It didn’t have to be perfect. By not starting, I was missing out on capture readers, potential customers. Missing out on fine tuning my blog writing.

To start you’ll need:

A blog name – make it something easy to find. Make it relevant to your brand name. Make it searchable. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same as your store/brand name. Complimentary is okay. As an example a person who sews might have a blog called, Bobbins and beyond.

I stuffed up on this one. The name 'Inspired Wish' does not tell you what my blog is about. It’s too vague. It’s wishy washy at best. I started out as a handmade jewellery maker. I don’t create jewellery to sell anymore. At least my blog name still suits my current focus. However, if someone searches for 'curvy fashion' they won't find me.

Take the time to ponder and consider your blog name.

A blogging platform – pick one that appeals to you.

Blogger is my personal favourite because it’s easy to use. I tested out wordpress and blogger and blogger just felt easier for me to use.

Others are Typepad, Tumblr, Weebly. Note there are two types of wordpress. There is which is free. requires some technical know how and a hosting fee. Google blogging platform to find your preferred one.

Make sure the platform you choose can do all the things you want it to. If you want to add a shopping cart to your blog, do your research to work out which allow for that.

Existing Content – this goes beyond adding an ‘About Me’ page. I’ve seen many struggle with this concept. Please believe me this IS important. Once your blog is set up, the first post written, you’re excited. You’re busting to share it with people. Please, for the love of kittens, resist that urge. Hear me out.

Chances are people will visit. They’ll say nice things about your blog. However, most won’t hang around. IE won’t sign up to follow your blog. Why? Because there wasn’t enough to tell them what to expect if they did.

Solution; write 5 to 10 blog posts BEFORE sharing your blog. This way people know what they’re signing on for.

There you have it. Just start.

Start with:
1) A blog name
2) A place to blog
3) Write a few blog posts

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