Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Favourite Blog:: yes, dear

I love Yes Dear...I was first drawn to the blog by a friends personal recommendation of this lovely lady she knew who liked to blog and the amusement of seeing my fathers favourite phrase to use to my mother ;) as a blog title! 
But then Ang's raw, open, witty, eloquent way of writing what so many of us mothers, women and parents, working or stay at home feel on a daily basis through her own eyes and experiences...she makes me cry,sigh,smile, snort and laugh so hard I have to cross my legs! 
Whilst reading her posts I get angry, bereft, emotional, feel empowered and joyous through reading her daily posts but more often then not I say to myself thank GOD its not just me or us ;) ...and whats the cherry on the cake for me os she is the most amazing supporter of handmade here in Australasia :) she manages to engage both up and comingn ad established handmade designers local to her in Tasmania but also across the continent in her giveaways and she has has engaged so many of us folk with her daily chats :) 
Georgie from Monkeys Over the Moon

We received this comment at the base of our Your Favourite Blog post. It was so wonderful that we had to share it.

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