Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm on Pinterest - Now what?

Congratulations, you're on Pinterest and ready to begin. Now what?
So glad you asked. Here's a tour of the site that highlights some of the features.

I normally don't talk that fast, sorry about the haste. There was a lot to mention. I hope this introduction helps you feel comfortable enough to start using Pinterest.

5 helpful tips (not in the video)
to help you on your 'pinning' way

1. When web surfing your favourite blogs use the pin bookmarklet to pin 'fresh' material to your boards. This will 'bookmark' them so you can go back later. It will also offer new eye candy for your followers.

2. If you follow people who have pinned your pins, you may see a lot of the same pins over and over. To avoid this I follow many people with varying interests. It means I always have new visual stimulation to enjoy.

3.Time saving tip - when pinning from a web site, drag your mouse across some text to highlight it. That will automatically appear in the description when you pin via bookmarklet. This also helps avoid spelling errors.

4. If you upload a pin and then later delete it. If someone has already repinned it, it is 'out their'. Be mindful what you upload. If you are a creator/artist, always include a watermark or logo.

5. Pin thoughtfully. Always credit the source. If you are uploading an image that is not yours it will read 'uploaded by user' as the source. Mention the creator/photographer along with their web address in the description.

Best 3 ways to include your business 

1. Avoid uploading all your biz images in one go.  Bring them in over a few days or weeks. Be awesome in the first place so others will pin you.

2. Add your work in an organic way. Invite your facebook likers and blog readers to pin their favourite images from your store and blog.

3. Include the Pin button with your blog posts. This lets people know you're okay with them pinning your photos, and reminds them to do so.

Pinterest is a great way to gauge if your images are up to scratch. Poor photos tends to be overlooked. Yet another reason to work on your photo skills (or hire a professional).

Happy pinning!

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