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Promoting your Winter Collections

{Winter 2012} Collection by Australian designer tillytom
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It’s that time of year when many of us either have – or are about to – launch our winter collections.

One of the key tools you should use to promote your new products to the media is a product release.

What is a product release?
A product release is simply a type of media release that has the purpose of announcing your new product or products. Where a media release announces ‘news’, a product release announces ‘products’.

At the very minimum a great product release should contain:

  • The name of the product
  • A gorgeous image that shows it doing what it does best – a ‘lifestyle’ shot
  • A straight product shot on a plain background.
    NB:  Make sure your images are low-resolution though: you don't want to be the person who clogs their email system!
  • What the product does / or what it is for
  • How much it costs
  • What is new about it, or if it's an update or an upgrade
  • Why it is so brilliant!
  • Where journalists and columnists can go for more detailed information and print quality images

It is extremely important that your product release is well-written, and free from spelling and grammatical errors. If writing isn’t your strong point, ask someone who writes well to help you. You can also engage a professional to write it for you.

How do I get my product release out there?
  • Create a list of all the publications that are read by your target customer
  • Find out who the editor (or relevant journalist / writer) is, and obtain their contact details
  • Email your product release and low-resolution images to them with a brief, but friendly email note
  • If you are approaching a magazine, make sure you ask to be added to their ‘call-out list’ (when you’re on this list, you will receive a ‘call-out’ from the magazine listing the specific products they are seeking for their next issue)
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In addition to the Facebook-ing we all know and love, another way to spread the word about your new season collection is through Pinterest.

If you’re careful (and non-spammy) about it, Pinterest can be a wonderful way to showcase your collections to a large audience.
  • Pin your products with careful consideration. Group your pins into product categories for specific audiences like mums, kids, dads, babies, etc
  • Label your pins using words that customers would search for
  • Build a community around you by commenting on and re-pinning relevant pins
  • Make sure your images are BEAUTIFUL! 
  • Show the ‘face’ behind your brand – create boards that allow people to see what your tastes and interests are
  • Pin beautiful things from your industry. If you’re in fashion, pin about fashion in general – not just your fashion.
  • Create boards that others can contribute to, like customers wearing or using your products
  • Remember to watermark all your images with your business name or websiteso they are always attributed to you.
  • Lastly remember to leave a link to your site or where the item can be purchased in the description area.

But be careful – Pinning is totally addictive!


About the Contributor:
Jennifer is the Owner of Princess Street PR, a do-it-yourself PR company dedicated to work-at-home and small businesses.  Jennifer is also the creative force behind Immie and Ollie and Editor of Multiplied Magazine.

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