Friday, February 24, 2012

You've been pinned!

Are you a Super Star on Pinterest?  
How do you know if someone has pinned one of your images?  

"Searching for Stars". Imaginart by Lisa Flanagan
Its quite simple, go to

You don't need to have an account set up to be pinned. Photos from your blog and product images can be there without you signing up.

So, if I wanted to see if any images from my personal blog have been pinned I would type As of 7.15 pm this evening this is what I get.

I took this photo of our Christmas tree back in 2010. I was very surprised (and thrilled at the same time) that someone had pinned it, 2 people liked it and it has then been repinned.  

So now you know how to do it, go check yourself out!  



  1. If you're an Australian blog, try again, adding .au to the end of the address as well. You might find there are more! I've just checked yours and there are more :)

  2. thanks for sharing that! I had wondered if there was a way of finding that out!

  3. Thanks Carmel abou the .au tip. I didn't realise you could do that. I'll add that to the post later today.

  4. Thank you :) This was extremely useful!


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