Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Handmade Mumpreneur: RedPoppy Handmade

Esther Houben, founder of RedPoppy Handmade Handbags Australiais one of the finalist for the 2012 Connect2Mum Award for Favourite Handmade Mumpreneur of the Year.

As you know we asked each of the finalist what was the best business advice they received, here is Esther's answer.

Hello everyone, My Name is Esther Houben, founder of RedPoppy Handmade Handbags Australia.

The best business advice I was given was from a friend who is an accountant and my confident.
I was unsure as to whether to leave part time work at the time and asked him how he felt about the idea.
Obviously my main concern was whether my business would keep growing to hopefully one day be able to support me, his answer to me was;

"Sometimes we need to take some un-calculated risks"

A broad but true statement. Suddenly it dawned on me, this is right, we cannot calculate the future, we can calculate our finances but can't calculate what might happen.

I have since left part time work, my business is thriving because I am giving it 100%. A little risk has changed RedPoppy for the better.

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