Friday, June 29, 2012

Handmade Mumpreneur: Baby Button

Janell Fowler of Baby Button is one of the finalist for the 2012 Connect2Mum Award for Favourite Handmade Mumpreneur of the Year.

As you know we asked each of the finalist what was the best business advice they received, here is Janell's answer. 

The best business advise I have ever received is to sell to my target market instead of the masses. You want to find the exact people you are selling for through narrowing down, demographic, gender, geography, income etc. That will allow you to focus you attention of the specific people who will be interested and wanting to buy your product. You will no longer be wasting your time and money trying to please everyone or convincing someone they need/want your product. Stay true to yourself, your product and your business and you will go far.

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  1. Great advise. I have found this strategy very effective for online marketing also. Instead of going for a keyword that has a ton of traffic, I try to get much more specific. The traffic will be way less, but much more targeted. When I pick a keyword to go for I ask myself "Would I pay Google for an ad on this keyword?" if not I don't waste my time. It's just frustrates you to see a lot of traffic but no buyers. It makes you doubt your product, when the truth is you just have the wrong audience.


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