Thursday, June 7, 2012

An ipad giveaway, and why I'm thankful.

I found myself in an odd predicament. I became the owner of two ipads! I'm a good typist and multitasker, but two was one too many. The first was a birthday gift from my husband, the second I won via an online survey. What to do with the second one?

In the survey I was asked
'what would you use the ipad for?'

There was only one thing to do! I said I would give it away on my blog. Well, that's exactly what I'm doing. Many of the entries (aka comments) have included 'thanks for the generous giveaway'.

I don't feel generous, I feel thankful

Thankful that I'm not in need of a quick buck from ebay.
Thankful for all the fun I've had on my creative journey.
Thankful to all the friends and contacts I've made.
Thankful for my corner of the blogosphere.
Thankful that I made it to 100 blog posts.

When I started making handmade jewellery for my Madeit store, there was sooo much help and information available. I had jumped on to a step learning curve. I quickly discovered there was much more to this than simply making and posting jewellery to a new owner. There was branding, promoting, social networking, pricing, photography, blogging, and more.

What's really cool, is that you can learn all about that here online for free. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. From the comfort of my home, usually whilst wearing my PJ's, I set up and ran an online store. I got busy networking and being social. I launched a blog. Got a logo designed and business cards. Amazing sites like Contemporary Handmade Alliance were around to guide me. I didn't feel so lost. In fact I felt inspired.

Whilst I no longer make jewellery to sell, I have a new found passion for photography, photoshop and blogging. These have become the tools to help me inspire women to be beautifully confident (regardless of size or age). I'm thankful for the readers who share my interests and passion.

What are you still doing here. Jump over to Inspired Wish and enter the ipad2 giveaway! The sweepstake is open until 6pm EST 16 June 2012 to Australian residents.

Are you still here?

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